1. Do I have to jump out of a helicopter?
No - absolutely not. This only happens in ski movies. All entry/exit from the helicopter occurs while safely landed and skids are on the ground/snow.

2. Is heliskiing safe?
Yes. All Heli Operator partners promote the highest degree of safety standards for pilots, guides, and operations. All decisions are made within a strict risk management framework for assessing snow stability and terrain. Through training and preparation, heliskiing is both safe and fun.

3. How good of a skier or rider do I have to be to go heliskiing?
If you can ski confidently down a black diamond, you can go heliskiing. There is a wide range of terrain and ability requirements depending on which operation and tour type you select. There are "Powder Intro" tours designed for skiers and riders new to the backcountry and powder; there are tours designed for families; there are tours for professional skiers and film crews. Talk to our team and we can point you in the right direction.

4. How much does it cost?
Generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000-2,000 per day, depending on length and luxury.

5. Where should I go heliskiing as a first-timer?
British Columbia. The sport was invented there. There is the highest concentration of operators there. The conditions are the most reliable there.

6. What time of year is best for heliskiing?
You can heliski year-round. In British Columbia, the season runs from December to April. Historically, you can expect greater snowfall in January and February; March and April will have longer days with clearer skies. Alaska's season runs from February to May. Outside of the North American season, options in Iceland, Greenland, Russia, and South America can keep you heliskiing all year.

7. What is the minimum gear I need to own to go heliskiing?
-Baselayer top and bottom
-Mid-layer top
-Shell jacket
-Shell pants
-Ski boots

8. Should I bring my own avalanche safety equipment?
No. Most operators require you to use their avalanche transceivers. Certainly, if you have a preference to use your own pack, shovel, probe, just make sure to check with your guide during training.

9. How many people fit in a helicopter?
It depends on the type of tour type and helicopter. A-Star helicopters carry groups of 4 or 5 plus a guide, while Bell 212 helicopters can carry up to 12 guests.

10. How good of shape do I have to be in?
The stronger you are when you go heliskiing, the more you will be able to maximize every run. Whether through yoga, strength training, other sports, the vast majority of our guests exercise regularly. 

11. Which operator is the best?
Choosing an operator is like dating; it all depends on what you like. Let us ask you a couple questions and we'll make some suggestions.

12. None of my friends can get the time off work, can I go alone?
Yes. There are many out there in the same position who want to go heliskiing but don't have a group. Join the Heli community and you'll never be without a crew again!